Here you fill find a huge variety of smoking accessories which includes all the essentials that a smoker requires. Along with all the standard rolling tools such as papers, blunts and herb grinders, you will also find some handy equipment to help you keep all your tools together, check out our rolling boxes and trays. Make sure you haven't been ripped off by checking weights with our range of accurate digital scales!

Papers & Blunts

We have super cool and unique rolling papers and blunts on offer here from Snoop Dogg & more!

Herb Grinders

Turn those herbs into absolute chowder with one of our sharp herb grinders.


Light up in style with one of our incredible windproof jet lighters, refillable & long lasting.

Stash Cans

Sometimes the best place to hide something is right under someone's nose!

Digital Scales

We stock accurate digital scales, some with extremely discreet designs!


Extinguish your smoke with elegance and class, our attractive & novelty ashtrays are something special!

Rolling Boxes & Trays

Keep all your essentials in one place and avoid getting stressed when something is misplaced!

Random Stuff

Accessories for your accessories! We have hemp wick and more handy smoker stuff here.

Herb Compressors

Crush and compact your smoking mix into shapes with one of our compactors!

Gauze & Screens

Perfect for your pipe or bong bowls, we have all types of screens in all sizes.


Whether you are smoking outside in windy conditions or just want a super badass way of igniting your roll up, you should take a look at our range of turbo torch lighters for sale. Rain and wind won't stop you from relaxing once you have one of our windproof lighters!